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FoundationOne CDx
(powered by Foundation Medicine) 

FoundationOne CDx is an FDA-approved genomics assay for solid tumors. FoundationOne CDx tests provide doctors with clinically actionable insights for guiding and optimizing therapeutic plans.


Elsee Medicine collaborates with Foundation Medicine to provide FoundationOneTM  CDx tests. These tests are performed at CLIA and CAP-certified laboratory facilities in the US. The genomics reports are certified by American Pathologists and Medical Doctors.

FoundationOneTM CDx assays detect many types of genomic alterations in tumor genomes, including insertions, deletions, single nucleotide variants, fusions, splice variants, and amplifications using genetic materials from patients' tumors or biopsies (FFPE samples, bone marrow aspirates, tumor frozen biopsies,...). 

Our reports contain valuable information about genomics alterations, relevant therapies, and clinical trials. These important medical insights are essential to help doctors select optimal therapeutic strategies. FoundationOne CDx tests examine 324 genes and 36 gene rearrangements frequently associated with common solid tumors. 


List of324 genes analyzed in FoundationOneTM  CDx test 

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List of gene rearrangements analyzed

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