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A focused genomics analysis assay for solid tumors. The test provides doctors with clinically actionable insights for guiding and optimizing therapeutic plans.

Genomics alterations play an important role in cancer formation and progression. Many of genomics changes can transfer across generations and are related to cancer and other genetics disorders .

 Our Elsee Whole Genome test uses advanced technologies in whole genome sequencing and genetics analysis to detect harmful genomics alterations and help you determine optimal preventive measures. 

Using the Next Generation Sequencing, Sanger sequencing, and advanced analysis tools, Elsee Screen Premium platform is able to help you reveal genomics alterations that may increase the risk for cancer and other genetics disorders. Our US-certified medical geneticists and genetic counselors will provide you and your healthcare team with professional advice about effective prevention measures to reduce the risk for developing cancer. 

For screening you genome, we will take your buccal DNA. We will then use modern genome sequencers and analysis technologies to detect harmful changes in your genome that may affect your health and the well-being of your family members. 

Our American certified medical geneticists and genomicists counselors will send you detailed reports, and if necessary, they will give you recommendations for your optimal preventive measures. 

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