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A focused genomics analysis assay for solid tumors. The test provides doctors with clinically actionable insights for guiding and optimizing therapeutic plans.

Elsee Cancer 200 test applies Next Generation Sequencing technology and Sanger sequencing for analyzing whole exome (the protein-encoding regions of 24,000 genes). American certified medical geneticists and genomicists will then examine the germline mutations that may increase the risk for cancer.

Elsee Cancer 200 test is designed to detect important oncogenic genomics alternations in human genomes at the molecular level, including insertions, deletions, single nucleotide variants, fusions, splice variants, and amplifications.


Elsee Cancer 200 reports are validated and certified by American medical geneticists and genomicists. These reports contain valuable information about your health and risk for cancer as well as instructions for clinical intervention and preventive measures.

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